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Nitecore 25mm Green Filter

  • Glass Lens with Anti-Reflective Coating
  • Impact-Resistant Plastic Frame
  • Flashlight models this filter fits: EC21, EC20, EA11, EC11, EA2, EA21, EC2, MH10, MH12, MH1A, MH1C, MT20A, MT10A, MT10C, MT20C, MT21A, MT2C, P12, P10, SRT3 and SRT5
    Nitecore 25mm Green Filter

    The Nitecore Green Filter is ideal for hunting and hiking. The green filter provides the best visibility in a forest because it uses the lowest light intensity possible. And the green light will help hide your location when hunting in the forest.

    Green Light won't attract insects, and is the go-to beam color for fishing as fishes are attracted to green light and it preserves your night vision during pre-dawn fishing hours. Green Filter useful for map reading, hunting to avoid spooking game, tactical applications, blue provides a little more light for easier viewing or navigation over red filters.

    This Filter from Nitecore is a flashlight accessory that will fit a light with a 25.4mm bezel diameter. The filter lens is made of glass and finished with an anti-reflective lens coating for enhanced light transmission. The PC2805 durable plastic frame that is impact and heat-resistant.

    Flashlight models this filter fits:
  • EC21, EC20, EA11, EC11, EA2, EA21 and EC2.
  • MH10, MH12, MH1A and MH1C.
  • MT20A, MT10A, MT10C, MT20C, MT21A and MT2C
  • P12, P10
  • SRT3, SRT5
  • Other flashlight with a head diameter of 25.4mm
  • More Information
    Barcode 6952506490356
    Maximum Lumen N/A
    Torch Beam Distance N/A
    Rechargeable No
    Activity N/A
    Battery Type N/A
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