Olight H15S Wave LED Headlamp

  • Maximum Output: 250 lumen
  • Maximum Beam Distance: 85m
  • Battery: 4 x AAA / 1200mAh rechargeable Lithium battery pack
  • Rechargeable
  • H series
  • Two modes for auxiliary light source
  • 3 power modes
  • Waterproof IPX6

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    Battery included

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    Product Description
    Olight H15S Wave LED Headlamp
    *This is an updated version of the Olight H15

    O'Light H15S Wave LED Headlamp has a light weight design that is made with tough and durable construction combined with industry leading technology from OLight. Capable of producing up to 250 Lumens for a maximum of 3 hours, this headlamp has dual output modes using CREE XM-L2 LED as well as red LED and a strobe mode.

    Wave Technology
    The gesture activation found in the head lamp will allow the user to control the light modes simply by waving your hand in front of the lamp. So, no more mucking around or fiddling with the switches especially if your hands are dirty or are otherwise incapacitated. Each wave will allow you to change the modes of the light from high mode to low mode to red LED. The SOS strobe mode can be accessed with the red ribbon indicator on the rear end of the light for signalling purposes.

    On top of that, a built in diffuser lens was specially designed for this headlamp for short range lighting purposes. It can be flipped up or down at a push of a button. The lamp can also be titled so one could easily adjust the direction of light to suit their needs.

    Power / Light Modes

    Modes Lumen Brightness Distance (Meters) Runtime (Hours / Minutes)
    High 250 Lumens 85m 3h
    Medium 100 Lumens - 5.6h
    Low 15 Lumens - 36h
  • Manual switch or infrared sensor to activate light and select mode
  • Light tilts 75 degrees to aim at your workspace and features built-in diffuser filter
  • Elastic head band with light mounted in front and battery pack in rear for optimal weight distribution
  • Rechargeable Lithium battery pack with Micro-USB charging port
  • Additional Information
    Additional Information
    Product Weight (KG) 0.098
    Colour / Coating Grey Colour
    Dimension Light Head: 70 x 54 x 22 mm
    Bulb Type Cree XM-L2
    Lumen Colour White Light
    Number Of Power / Light Modes 3
    Power / Light Options High, Medium, Low
    Battery Type 4 x AAA / 1200mAh rechargeable Lithium battery pack
    Weatherproof / Resistance Waterproof, Impact Resistant
    IP Rating Code IPX6
    Video Link No
    Capacity No
    Customer Reviews (2)
    Has some good and not so good points
    Overall Score
    I bought this headlamp for SES work. However, if you're doing this sort of work this headlamp doesn't have a red light for night vision. It does, however have three good brightness settings.

    The battery pack is set to the back, opposite to the lamp, which I have found comfortable and a good balance. There three light settings, however to swith off you have to switch through all the settings. This also means that there is not saving of the last setting. The lamp switches on by default, at the highest brightness.

    The infrared switch is both a boon and a hinderance. For hands free switching this can be great, but when moving in close proximity to another item, like in a confined space, it can switch off when you least need it. If the hands free switching is a problem, it can be turned off by holding the switch down until it blinks, but remember that when switched back on the default is the infrared switch. The other thing to watch is there is a power switch in the battery pack and a light switch. The battery pack switch needs to be switched on first before the light switch can be used. Another thing to remember, is to turn off the battery switch when you have finished for the whole unit to be off.

    As a headlamp, it throws good light, and would be good for camping, bushwalking and associated activities. I would suggest that if you require it to be used in an industrial situation that you consider the infra read switch. I'm ambivalent about this headlamp, I like its weight distribution on the head, but I'm of two minds about the infrared switch.
    Review by John Redfern (Posted on 6/10/2017)
    Well balanced and versatile LED headlamp. Several modes of use.
    Overall Score
    Purchased this for use in astrophotography. Thus I needed red light to conserve my night vision as well as a general use white light. Also did not want all the weight on my forehead - the battery is at the back, so it has good balance. The red mode or the mode for weak diffused white light are best for my purposes.The flip-up diffuser is good. If you go full blast it throws a powerful white beam (although that chews battery life naturally). It features an infrared movement sensor so that to switch between modes all you have to do is wave your hand in front of it. This is rather neat, but can be a nuisance if you bend down too close to look at something (who turned out the light?). Took me a while to figure out the mode which disables the sensor - an instruction book would have been handy, but I guess the Chinese are still getting around to that. And the SOS mode is a joke. But given that you can set up this unit how you like it, I think it's a good buy. Review by Richard (Posted on 6/10/2017)
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