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Maglite ML125 LED Rechargeable Flashlight System-Black

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System includes:
  • Maglite ML125 LED flashlight
  • NiMH Battery Pack
  • Portable Battery Charger
  • AC Converter

  • Features:
    -Accessories Options (not included): Mounting Brackets, Belt Holder
    -Operate on both NiMH Rechargeable battery pack and three C-cell alkaline batteries
    -Five types of User-Configurable Modes in four sets
    -Intelligent Energy Source Management
    -Anodized for corrosion resistance and durability
    -Light output with alkaline batteries: 193 lumens high, 48 lumens low
    -Light output with NiMH batteries: 186 lumens high, 47 lumens low
    -Charge time: 2 hours
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    Maglite ML125 LED Rechargeable Flashlight System is the brilliant design of rechargeable torch which support both NiMH rechargeable battery pack and three C-cell alkaline batteries. ML125 has the lighting technology advancement that offers the optimum light output. The most important highlight falls on its brightness and last long battery life.

    Maglite ML125 LED Rechargeable Flashlight System features durability and weather resistant with its aluminum construction. Its rubber O-rings seals on both ends to keep water out. ML125 designed with long-famous Maglite beauty, adjustable beam, high performance brightness, last long battery life and five types of User-Configurable Modes in four sets.

    ClicksFunction Set 1Function Set 2Function Set 3Function Set 4
    One clickFull PowerFull PowerMomentaryMomentary
    Two clickPower SavePower SaveFull PowerFull Power
    Three clickStrobeSOS SignalPower SaveStrobe

    This function allows users to personalise their torch based on personal preferences by choosing the function set. The five modes can be defined as below:
    -Full Power: 100%
    -Power Save: 25%
    -Strobe: 12Hz strobe to get others attention
    -SOS Signal: International Morse Code
    -Momentary On/Off



    Additional Info

  • Length: 11.104" (282.042 mm)
  • Barrel Diameter: 1.199" (30.455 mm)
  • Head Diameter: 1.977" (50.216 mm)
  • Weight with alkaline batteries: 521.6g
  • Weight with NiMH batteries: 570 g
  • Runtime with alkaline batteries: 25hrs high, 72hrs low
  • Runtime with NiMH batteries: 8.5 hrs high, 30hrs low
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