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Olight I3T EOS Torch

Retail Price $45.95

Nitecore EC4GTS LED Torch

Retail Price $250

Nitecore MH25GTS Rechargeable LED Flashlight

Retail Price $210

Nitecore MH40GTR Hunting Kit

Retail Price $499

Nitecore MH40GTR Hunting Torch

Retail Price $240

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OZTorches is your light in darkness! We pride ourselves in being Australia's #1 online resource and experts in torch use as we cater to anybody who is looking to purchase the right torch to suit them.

OZTorches cover a wide variety of torches – be it performance or programmable flashlight, LED torches, spotlight, headlamps, and even rechargeable torch is available. We feature top brands such as Maglite, Nitecore, Olight and Australian made Powa Beam.

We value our services to the highest regard. As such, OZTorches make online shopping secured, with quick shipment into every order as well as extensive customer support.

If you are looking for a variety of torches, or maybe a specific LED flashlight, or HID spotlight for your hunting needs, or headlamps for your outdoor activities then you are at the right place! Enjoy your experience here at